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Thermo Fisher Scientific: AcroSeal 25 Year Anniversary

Celebratory animation highlighting the key evolutions in the last 25 years of this market-leading packaging solution.

The Brief

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American corporation providing scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software services. Within their organisation there are multiple sub-brands who provide specific services to the medical and Life Science industries.

Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Turbine Creative with a challenging brief. Their leading packaging solution - AcroSeal - was about to turn 25 years old and they wanted to launch a video-centric campaign that would both hightlight the innovations of the product over this time but also include key historical and cultural events to engage viewers and create a sense of connection to these key points in recent history.

Our Solution

We first began by charting the key events in history that connected with the same years that AcroSeal had made progress through innovation. Either in the efficacy of the product or in its reduced environmental impact. We then created a script that cleverly tied these elements together.

We wanted the video to look slick. modern, on brand and contemporary so we modelled the product and reduced the colour pallete to red, greys and blacks. We also added in halftone textures and a textured red path that the timeline would move along to bring a sense of momentum and direction the video. We then used a mixture of stock footage and illustrative imagery to denote the key historical and cultural events over the past 25 years.

The Result

The team at Thermo Fisher Scientific have been extremely happy to see how this project has come together. We have also created social media marketing materials in tandem with an incentivised competition and a printed document. All following the momentum (and creative aesthetic ) set by this campaign.


• 3D modelling and animation  • Illustration   • Animation   • Script Development   • Video Editing  •  Print design 

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