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Adidas GamePlan A: Digital Content Creation

Video production, illustrations and animated social media content for Adidas GamePlan A promoting their Growth Mindset Initiative (during the first Covid-19 lockdown).

The Brief

Having created content for Adidas GamePlan A previously, the opportunity to develop a thought leadership article and digital content around their 'Growth Mindset' initiative was presented. Turbine Creative's founder Tim Bassford was selected from applicants from around the world to join the Adidas team on this 30 day initiaitive during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Following 30 days of discussion, accountability and networking amongst some truly inspirational professionals (both from within Adidas and from outside that organisation) we then began working on creative digital content to promote what was learnt and insights gained from this personal, transformative experience.

We began working on ways to convey these messages through visual metaphors. In this instance the visual metaphor was that of an adventurous journey. Climbing mountains, leading the way, being sure to rest and selling your vision to others etc.

Having written the content and illustrated all the key insights we then worked with the brilliant Mike Choo to bring these illustrations to life through short videos and animated gifs.

The Result

The team at Adidas GamePlan A were delighted with the content created. The social media content ran over 4 weeks and the videos were shared by Adidas throug their main LinkedIn account to over 1.7 milion subscribers. The response was overwhelmingly positive and has left the door open for future collaborations.


• Illustration   • Animation   • Writing   • Filming  • Video Editing 


“It looks amazing. So good. Hoping to see more like this in the future!"


Jonathan Greenhalgh, Director of Corporate Communications, Adidas

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