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Thermo Fisher Scientific:
Chem dex™ promotional animation

Sophisticated 3D animation bringing energy and dynamism into a game-changing web app promotion

The Brief


Having worked on multiple previous projects with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team we were overjoyed to be given the brief of creating a promotional video for Chem dex™, a game changing new web app for scientists purchasing chemicals. "Chem dex™ is a new tool to search related chemicals providing a faster and simpler buying experience: find reagents, solvents, catalysts and building blocks grouped by reaction"

Our Response

We first familiarised ourselves with the functionality, benefits and features of this extraordinary web-based solution. We then worked with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team to hone the brief and clarify the objectives. We then moved into the creative, stylistic explorations of how we could deliver the product message. Having showed various mood boards and examples of how we thought this animation could work a style was chosen. We decided to go with a contemporary, kinetic and stylish 3D animation to highlight the slick and efficient characteristics of the app.

The Result

The end result was a slick, dynamic and succinct promotional video. This video combines high-production value 3D animation, instructional and educational content that can be understood by lab professionals and scientists of all levels. The video has been extremely well received and has gathered traction on social media and now forms part of a successful PPC campaign promoting this great web-based app.


• Creative concept development • Illustration  • Copywriting • 3D animation  • Video production

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