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Servita: InfinitiEx and HETT Event

Multi-channel campaign to promote the new InfinitiEx solution across events, video and interactive digital media

The Brief


We were approached by Servita to help them promote their recent product 'InfinitiEx' at the upcoming HETT Digital Health Conference at  ExCeL London. InfinitiEx is a highly sophisticated digital tool that helps bring comprehensive insights through the connection of data from clinical, environmental, genomic, and socioeconomic datasets. Servita wanted our help in distilling this message down and creating various marketing material to communicate the benefits of this sector-leading solution in an engaging and visually interesting way.


Our Response

We created a series of isometric illustrations portraying a city, a UK Map and a globe to represent the layers of positive impact this product can have. We then developed these assets into an interactive presentation for the iPad so that Servita staff could talk customers through the benefits of the product. We then took these illustrations and used them to create exhibition stand, promotional leaflets and website content. We also created a promotional video, again highlighting the key features and benefits of InfinitiEx.


The Result

The HETT conference was a huge success and the marketing materials we created have since been rolled out onto other marketing channels including an updated website. We are currently working on this years HETT conference materials for another Servita product following the success of the previous years marketing campaign.


• Creative concept development • Illustration  • Copywriting • Graphic design • Digital design • Video production

"Really enjoyed working with Turbine Creative over a number of weeks to a fixed deadline. Nice blend of creativity and professionalism, neither overpowering the other. Some great ideas mixed with neat and tidy execution, including engaging designs and messaging generated in a highly collaborative style, really helped everything come together. Loved the outputs and wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Servita Regional Director, UK

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