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Thermo Fisher Scientific: Named Reactions

A branding, illustration and animation project to convey the importance of key 'Named Reactions' and their crucial role in in organic chemistry, industry and manufacturing.

The Brief

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American corporation providing scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software services. Within their organisation there are multiple sub-brands who provide specific services to the medical and Life Science industries.

Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Turbine Creative with a challenging brief. Having already created lots of documentation around key chemical 'Named Reactions' they wanted to bring these to life through 6 x animation that could consolidate highly complex information into digestible videos that would be no longer than a couple of minutes long.

Our Solution

For this project in particular, working in partnership with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team and their expert consultant Matt Ferris at Biocatalyst Consulting we worked through a number of revisions to the scripts, paying particular attention to how we communicated the chemistry of the Named Reaction. From a marketing and communications point of view it’s critical included the right amount of detail to ensure it was interesting to all audiences, whilst also making sure it was presented in a clear and engaging way. Once the critical content was locked down we then began creating the illustrations and animated elements.

The Result

These videos, illustrations and branding content has been really well received and increased website traffic and visibility of this area of the Thermo Fisher Scientific brand. The project began as 6 videos but because these hav been so successful we aare now moving into stage 2 of the project with another series of animations.


• Illustration   • Branding   • Animation   • Script Development   • Video Editing

backing bw.jpg

“Turbine Creative have been wonderful to work with. Over the past year they have created several videos for us, both long and short. They take a concept and turn it into something fabulous! They are extremely personable and professional. Would recommend to any size company if you are looking for a top notch video!” 

Global Market Development Manager, Fine Chemical Products,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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