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Health Marketing

Helping health organisations communicate with more clarity and impact through compelling marketing media.

Turbine Creative delivers value to health organisations through strategic communication solutions that inform patients, promote services, bring about behavioural change and help raise awareness of healthcare initiatives.

We’re passionate about helping health organisations communicate with clarity, efficiency and in a way that helps raise patient care and quality of life in the long-term. Working both with clinicians, healthcare management, patients and their families we understand the huge pressures upon the health sector and we are driven by our desire to bring improvement of communications to enhance the outcome for all of our stakeholders.


Healthcare communication is often too full of jargon, too wordy and is delivered in a way that isn't engaging or adapted for the needs of today's contemporary audience.

In a digital age of video watching, social media savvy and image-centric patients we believe patient communication should be highly visual, and available in a variety of formats that best suits the patient - whether that's print, or digital formats such as video, social media, SMS messaging and targetted websites. 


In order to create the greatest chance of long-term behavioural change (whether that is in clinical practices or patient lifestyle) it is critically important that we increase motivation and opportunities to act whilst creating initiatives that patients or health professionals have the capability to complete. And this approach has to start with compelling and engaging communication. If your target audience don’t fully understand or are not motivated enough by the message to change, the campaign will never achieve its full potential.


We’re passionate about translating your in-depth knowledge and health expertise into compelling communication materials that increase motivation, reveal opportunity and help move your audience on towards your chosen target behaviour.


Being based in the heart of Nottingham close to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and the University of Nottingham Medical School we have access to both clinicians and research staff that support our work.

How we can help you

There are many ways we can support your marketing and communication goals whilst delivering great ROI with each project. The best place to start is an initial discovery meeting where we will explore your key criteria for success, whether that is supporting clinical, logistic or service-centred requirements. We can then determine what the best strategy is to hit those targets.

We can work alongside you to deliver optimised communication campaigns including videos, animations, SMS content, social media content, medical illustrations as well as patient pathway development, literature, medical presentations and exhibition content.



Awareness Campaign


Health Videos


Behaviour Change


Social media






Patient Communications

Turbine Creative can help you refine the most complex and sophisticated medical information and communicate it in a way that is approachable and engaging, drawing on key patient needs and maximising your comunication’s retention and long-term impact.

So, if you’re looking for an agency that:


Is passionate about working within the health sector and maximising the communication effeciency of the NHS


understands the impact and strategic importance of behavioural change campaigns


Has years of experience with health organisations both large and small


Is based in the city of Nottingham, close to the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust


Is highly creative, innovative and can develop multi-channel campaigns across both digital, video and print


Agile, fun to work with, experienced and highly communicative…

Why not get in touch to find out how we could help you?

We’ll set up a friendly call with a senior creative to discuss your requirements.


Patient education materials that inform and reassure NHS cancer patients.


Case study video promoting the benefit of Substrakt Health's 'Vaccine and Immunisation' App.


Animation and social media content to demonstrate an innovative digital health solution

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it.


“"Bridging the gap between clinical decision making and patient facing information is key to patients understanding their conditions and treatment. The team at Turbine Creative were fantastic at producing engaging designs and animations which completely delivered our brief."” 

General Surgical Registrar and Campaign Content Creator


“The PatientPack promotional content is getting great reviews this side. Thanks for all your hard work on this and delivering an engaging animation and social media content that conveys all the right messages in such succinct way!”

Senior Marketing Manager, Substrakt Health

UNiversity of nottingham.png

"Turbine Creative are absolutely fantastic. Fast turnaround , innovative ideas and try of imagine. Tim and team are super helpful with great communication and vision. Always a pleasure to work with and will definitely use again!"

Professor of Developmental and Computational Biology,
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

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