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Idem Safety Switches: UGB NET Video

A sophisticated 3D animation promoting Idem's UGB-NET interlock, which helps to keep industrial manufacturing environments safe.

The Brief

Idem Safety Switches provide world class systems for large scale manufacturing. They provide safety interlocks to manufacturers like Jaguar Land-Rover, Tesla, Coca-Cola and Ford. Helping them to create manufacturing environments that are robust and safe for all.

Idem Safety’s latest interlock, the UGB-NET, provides industry with a solution that can be installed more efficiently than traditional interlocks, with less hardware and wiring, through industrial Ethernet networking capabilities. This innovative solution enables Idem’s customers to protect their workforce in industrial environments, with a product that is faster to install and faster to commission.


In anticipation of the product launch, Idem wanted a sophisticated video that promotes the interlock to new and existing customers. Key requirements were to showcase technical specifications, accurately represent various product configurations, demonstrate its installation and highlight key use case scenarios, features and benefits.

Our Response

Turbine Creative worked closely with IDEM’s product team, to accurately model the UGB-NET, ensuring that all technical components and the way in which they behaved were correctly represented throughout the animation. We created an animation style that feels contemporary, innovative and technical – an aspirational visual tone that builds excitement within its audience. We created 3 key stages to the animation. An initial overview of its capabilities and uses, a configuration section and then finally key example scenarios.


The Result

The team at IDEM Safety both in the USA and Europe have been blown away by the positive response both existing and potential customers have had to this video. The various sections of the video have helped customers understand both its amazing flexibility and also how the innovative networking capabilities can transform how they configure their safety systems going forward.


In response to the positive customer feedback we have now created 8 different edits of this video to be rolled out to different audiences the Idem Safety marketing team have identified.


• Concept creation   • 3D modelling   • Animation   • Video Production   • Script development

“Thanks so much for all your hard work and focus on these promo videos. They really do look fantastic. The approach you have taken is so creative and engaging... it really does sets us apart from our competitors. Awesome work guys! ”


Sales and Marketing Director, Idem Safety Switches

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