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Innovate UK KTN: Innovation Exchange

Videos promoting the advantages of the ground-breaking Innovate UK KTN Innovation Exchange programme

The Brief


Innovate UK KTN’s Innovation Exchange is a cross-sector programme supporting innovation transfer by matching industry challenges to innovative companies from other sectors. They required the creation of multiple videos creating to explain the process whilst also giving some aspirational stories as to how this initiative has helped various UK-based companies. 

Our Response

We filmed a series of interviews at the Innovate UK KTN headquarters based in the Business Design Centre, Islington. This location was chosen for its central location and links to transport meant it was easier to get multiple stakeholders to the location over 2 days where we could film them in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We then mixed interview footage with b-roll and supplied imagery and stock footage to better tell the stories of each interviewee.

The Result

We created story driven testimonial videos with high production filming techniques and well chosen b-roll to keep viewers attention and bring an aspirational tone to these promotional videos.


• Preproduction • Video production • Video editing

"I had a great time working with Turbine Creative on a promotional video. The team was friendly and professional during filming and worked nothing short of magic for the final edit."

Innovate UK KTN Innovation Exchange Manager

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