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Innovation Group: Customer Information Animations

Making the customer's journey through their insurance claim clear and concise. Told through three stylish and on-brand animations.

The Brief


The Innovation Group deliver expertise to the world’s leading insurers, brokers, fleet managers and automotive manufacturers. With over 2,600 employees across 4 continents they support 1000's of insurance claims everyday. Many of which contain complex and involved processes that can frustrate and confuse customers who just want their case to be resolved. They approached us with a request to create 3 animations that would explain the process of resolving a subsidence claim. One of the most lengthy and multi-layered insurance claims.

Our Response


We initially spend time with the Innovation Group's subject matter experts discussing the various processes that are involved in a subsidence claim. The videos were then broken down into three bite-size stages: An overview of the process, importance of mitigation and the final repair stage.


We discussed various creative approaches to these videos and agreed on a collage style animation that could show both actual footage of tools used and techniques employed whilst also having the freedom to be more personable and creative through the added illustrative elements.

The Result

The team at the Innovation Group have been delighted with each stage of the project. Initially the request was for one animation but after we completed the first overview, and it was met with so much approval both internally and externally by customers, they commissioned two more animations. 


• Illustration   • Animation  • Script development  • Storyboarding


We were delighted with all three animations Turbine Creative produced for us. They took detailed, complicated content and made it really clear and engaging so that our customers could understand important processes in their claim journey.

This will no doubt save us hours of explaining the same processes over and over. All we need to do now is point people to these great animations!


Lisa Davison, Head of Mitigation Strategy, Innovation Group

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