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The Welcome Trust: Long Read Club

The world's longest DNA sequence recently decoded. Now a new branding for this 'Long Read Club' was needed to unite the global genomics community...

The Brief

Following a historic scientific breakthrough in DNA sequence decoding The Welcome Trust provided a grant to Dr Matt Loose and Professor Nick Loman to create a global network that would unite the genomics community. A network that would share insights, educate, encourage and present fascinating conversations with some of the biggest players in the world of DNA decoding.

You can read about this initial breakthrough in DNA decoding here on the BBC website. The scientists produced a DNA read that is about 10,000 times longer than normal, and twice as large as a previous record holder, from Australia.

Following their grant from the Welcome Trust the team approached Turbine Creative to design a brand, intro animations and various conference videos to help them get raise the profile of this initiative on a global scale within this niche audience.


Large DNA reads are described as 'Whales' within the scientific community and so the main iconic graphics within the logo became a friendly animated whale splashing around in a sea of DNA strands and Nanopore reads.

As part of this project we worked on Youtube material, branded assets and an intro video for Long Read Club LIVE that was displayed on an incredible 25 metre ultra wide screen.

The Result

Turbine Creative developed video material for the YouTube channel, branding collateral (very popular T-Shirts and stickers!) and helped bring a real wow factor to the stage at Nanopore's 'London Calling' conference.

The Long Read Club is aimed at a very niche, sophisticated scientific community who are all working at the cutting edge of their field. The feedback through social media and through the co-founders has been that Turbine Creative were really able to understand the brief and deliver the right kind of messaging, tone and graphical style for this audience thereby helping The Long Read Club to flourish.


• Creative concept   • Logo design   • Video Production   • Motion Design   • Animation   • Print Artwork

“Thanks for all your hard work and for really understanding the tone, intention and global appeal we were after. You've done a great job and we look forward to working with you again soon... ”


Dr Matt Loose, Professor of Developmental and Computational Biology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences. Nottingham University.

Co-Founder of The Long Read Club


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