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Measham Dental: Post Covid-19 Animation

Creating communication materials to deliver a critical post Covid-19 message to a local dental practice's patients

The Brief

Measham Dental is a successful, local dental practice with 100's of valued patients. Sandra Ferreira, the principal dentist, opened the purpose-built practice in 2014, with a vision to offer affordable private treatment in a friendly, approachable and professional way.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic several changes have had to be made to the practice in how it protects its staff and patients and how it delivers a marketing leading service within new industry guidelines.

Measham Dental approached Turbine Creative with a request to create patient-focussed communication materials that would convey the depth of new information in a positive, re-assuring and engaging way. All without simplifying or dumbing-down the instructions patients now needed to know.

Turbine Creative began by working with Measham Dental on a script that incorporated all the information they wanted to convey. We then developed style sheets and an animated look and feel that would suit the brand. We then filmed key scenes at the Practice (suitably socially distanced). Following this we created the animation and edited the footage into this video.

To compliment this animation we also created a 2 page pdf that summarised all of this information for easy reference.

The Result

The team at Measham Dental have been extremely happy to see how this project has come together. They were particularly happy to see how the friendly and caring tone of their practice has been maintained amongst the large amount of information within these communication materials. Through this animation and documentation, patients are now more re-assured, informed and can return to Measham Dental knowing what to expect in this often uncertain post Covid-19 world.


• Illustration   • Animation   • Filming   • Script Development   • Video Editing   • Print Design


“Turbine Creative understood the challenges of this brief to be both light-hearted and engaging whilst conveying a lot of important information. They have really delivered beyond our expectations. We love it!” 


Sandra Ferreira, Measham Dental Practice


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