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English Institute of Sport: Mission 2025

A multi-channel campaign for the English Institute of Sport’s Mission 2025 corporate communication.

The Brief


The EIS plays an integral part in supporting this country’s great history of sporting success. Following the conclusion of Tokyo 2020 and looking ahead to the future, the EIS were ready to communicate their new strategy, Mission 2025, to their employees and stakeholders.

A number of challenges presented themselves in the development of Mission 2025, including a reduced three-year cycle to the next summer Games, the ongoing impact of a global pandemic, and the inclusion of more countries and new sports with new needs. The EIS needed a way of communicating Mission 2025 to a wide range of stakeholders in a visual way that united the team, inspired them with an updated vision and compelled them to join together on the journey.

Our Response


Using a hand-drawn illustrative style, we produced an animated video and associated assets that explained the challenges the EIS face and the core objectives which form Mission 2025.

We presented various visual styles to the EIS team but we all agreed the illustrative animated style would differentiate this important campaign from other initiatives the EIS were delivering. This style also meant we could include a diverse mix of athletes and sport science imagery without relying on inaccurate stock imagery or the need to film any new material or request image rights from any athletes.

By visually incorporating all types of people the EIS works with and represents – from the athletes through to the support teams and the wider workforce, the video acts as a rallying cry – highlighting the importance of the incredible work that the EIS continue to do and encouraging the team to join the EIS on Mission 2025.

The Result

This video and supporting social media materials were really well received. These assets, in partnership with the significant Mission 2025 strategy document formed a truly impactful campaign that spoke clearly to the broad audience that the EIS were reaching out to. Shared both internally with the EIS’s 300+ staff, on virtual meetings with stakeholders and across social media channels, the video and supporting graphics were able to convey the complexity of Mission 2025 in a unique and informed way. The illustrative style ensured the content stood out against the EIS’s previous video content, capturing attention and gaining an immediate and positive reaction.


• Creative concept development • Illustration   • Animation   • Script Development   • Storyboarding  • Social Media Assets • Graphic design


“We were absolutely delighted with the Mission 2025 video that the team at Turbine developed for us. The brief was complex and we needed to include an awful lot of information in the video, but they quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and presented our ideas back to us in a creative and beautiful way. The response that we have had has been excellent.


Our people have even been sharing the video with friends and family to help explain what they do at work! Our partners and stakeholders have been equally positive, with a number of them getting in touch to tell us how much they enjoyed the video. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Turbine to colleagues in future.!”


Communications Team, English Institute of Sport

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