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Node4: Brand Overview Video

Multi-location promotional video following a narrator-led journey across multiple diverse scenarios - from London's financial district to a surgical theatre and a busy moving train...

The Brief

Node4 is a rapidly expanding, ambitious technology company with several sites across the UK. They provide secure, cloud-based platforms & tailored IT solutions for organisations of many sizes. They work with clients across multiple sectors, services and locations. Node4 wanted to create a brand overview video that communicated key scenarios where they created 'change that matters' - a central message to their marketing.

Our Solution

We began by discussing how these 'change that matters' moments could arise across different sectors from police reporting, car sales, medical treatment, finance and banking through to transportation and retail to name a few. We then began developing scenarios that would work well in a fast paced, narrator led journey.

Our production team then sourced 12 different locations, completed location agreements, permits and planned the complex shoot (including over 30+ extras!).


We also wanted this video to be led by a confident presenter to bring a sense of personality and represent Node4's 'human touch' in all they do. Savannah Gallo was chosen following a competitive round of auditions where we reviewed a wide array of acting talent. She also looked great in that bright orange 'on-brand' suit jacket!

The Result

When a teaser for this video was shown at the Node4 national meeting it received a standing ovation and has since gone on to form a key part of the Node4 marketing collateral. Feedback from clients and Node4 staff themselves has been brilliantly positive and we look forward to working with the Node4 team again soon!


• Concept creation.  • Video Pre-production.  • Script writing    • Filming    • Editing    • Colour Grading

"We wanted to create a slick promotional video that told the story of how our solutions create 'change that matters' in 9 different sectors, in around 90 seconds.

Turbine Creative really pulled out all the stops for us in developing a great concept, securing locations from Westminster to a surgical theatre and a moving train - to name a few! We were delighted with the results – the wider team even gave a standing ovation when we first showed a teaser of this video!


Really pleased with this video campaign and would certainly recommend Turbine Creative."

Paul Bryce, Node4, Managing Director

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