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Nottingham Chamber Music Festival: Film Series

High quality film campaign that captured exceptional musical performances to continue the spirit of the music festival within a locked-down Nottingham City Centre.

The Brief


The Nottingham Chamber Music Festival is one of the region’s foremost annual music events. Attracting highly acclaimed international musicians to perform in and around the city’s most famous venues and landmarks. During the Covid Pandemic it was not possible to allow audiences to gather and many venues had to remain closed to the public. However, the always-innovative Event Director, Carmen Flores, decided to create a series of films that would continue the spirit of the festival whilst also paying tribute to some of Nottingham’s most iconic spaces.

Our Solution

Having discussed the vision and scale of what Carmen wanted to achieve with this online festival we began planning the filming production and through various site recces organised the best way to truly celebrate these iconic venues. As well as capturing Carmen’s incredible musical performances we also interviewed the staff working at these locations in order to express some of the human story behind these challenging times. 


We shot these six films (featuring performance of J.S. Bach’s Suite in C Major, BWV 1009) with a cinematic style in mind. Always looking to make the most of high quality, wide-angle lenses, smooth tracking camera shots and thoughtful lighting to highlight the grandeur and scale of some of these historic and iconic venues. The sound was expertly captured by Craig Barlow and filmed by David Stewart.

The Result

During a challenging time of the Covid Pandemic this project brought a ray of light into the cultural community of Nottingham. The project was picked up by local radio and BBC TV and Carmen Flores and Turbine Creative’s Tim Bassford were interviewed about the project multiple times. The legacy of this ‘Nottingham Stories’ project not only provided much needed cultural content at a time when no-one could go out to venues, but also created a ‘time-capsule’ of life during a most unprecedented and challenging era.

Watch all the completed films here on the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival website


• Video production  • Filming  • Editing  • Graphic design  • Social media content creation 

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