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Team GB: Tokyo Covid Prevention Campaign

A print and digital campaign, to raise awareness of Covid safe behaviours to Team GB athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

The Brief


Tokyo 2021 was to be like no other Olympics to date, with athletes and officials subject to rigorous Covid testing and protocols throughout the games.

Team GB needed support in communicating the importance of how and why athletes should remain vigilant to Covid safety requirements; they needed a campaign that resonated directly with the athletes, which stood apart from their usual branding and the commonplace government Covid messaging. Whilst it was important to provide reminders of social distancing and hygiene factors, it was also important to provide a level of reassurance at what was likely to be a very stressful time for athletes.

Our Solution


We worked with a range of leading Team GB experts from the fields of medicine, sports performance and behavioural psychology to help establish the most effective communication methods to influence positive behaviour change. We created messaging which focussed on the ideas of protecting teammates and aligning with recipient’s moral values.

The messaging worked alongside a unique visual identity, which incorporated an arresting colour palette and active and dynamic imagery of Team GB athletes to drive home the sense of team and success. The campaign was implemented on-site, via large format print - at Kitting Out and then the Tokyo Olympic Village. In parallel, digital activation featuring a hero video was deployed across multiple channels, targeting athletes at key touch points during their preparation and arrival at the games.


The Result

We were incredibly proud to work with Team GB at such a crucial and significant time for athletes globally. We enjoyed hearing updates from the Team at Tokyo on how well the campaign had been received. The greatest accolade of this campaign, for all involved, was that all Team GB athletes remained Covid-free. The Independent called Team GB's achievements 'The Miracle of Tokyo' and went on to state "Team GB returned no positive Covid cases and matched their London 2012 medal tally in Tokyo in what officials rightly labelled ‘the greatest achievement in British Olympic history.’"


• Concept creation • Campaign development • Copywriting • Graphic Design  • Video production  • Social Media Assets Creation

“We set out to create a strong and impactful Covid-safe campaign to proactively ‘nudge’ a desirable behavioural outcome for the 1000-strong delegation of Team GB athletes and staff in Tokyo. Turbine Creative were incredibly responsive and agile in their approach to our brief, and the resulting print and digital campaign was one of the main pillars in our success to mitigate against any positive Covid-19 cases within the Team GB delegation at The Olympic Games”


Head of Performance Services, Covid Liaison Officer, Team GB – Tokyo 2020

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