Turbine Creative specialises in holistic brand campaigns from research, brand analysis to creative concepts and delivery.

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Turbine Creative is a fresh, new emerging design company founded by Tim Bassford.


Having spent 18 years working in the creative industry working with some of the world’s biggest brands (as well as a little bit of dabbling in the film industry) Tim saw a gap for a supremely customer-centric, passionately creative design service that is all about harnessing customer’s potential.


Not delivering just for where a client currently is, but also for where they want to go.

A creative service that works alongside the client, understands their proposition and can ‘get under the bonnet’ to see what is possible, not just what is being asked.


Turbine Creative aim to open up discussions and push the conversation onwards rather than be a creative punctuation at the end of it.


We value an inquisitive nature, innovation that delivers results rather than novelty value. Creativity that engages the emotions and achieves measurable goals. Primarily through creative campaigns that include video, print and digital media.

We're passionate about storytelling and engaging your customers through powerful narrative across multiple marketing channels.


We’re excited about the journey ahead and we look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

We’re also passionate about the power of creativity and design communication to support great causes, irrespective of budget. Which is why we donate 10% of our billable hours to support the FreeCreate Network.


FreeCreate is a growing collaboration of creative professionals passionate about using their professional skills to benefit worthy causes who might otherwise not be able to afford professional marketing materials. Find out about FreeCreate and how you could get involved here.

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