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BBC Live Lesson Content Creation

Through this UK national lockdown one of the most significant changes has been not only to industry and employment but also to our system of education. Schools are closed and parents face the challenge of both homeschooling children as well as trying to work from home themselves. Not a happy combination!

Thankfully the good old BBC has done it's absolute best to create a WEALTH of learning resources! Back in the summer of 2020 Turbine Creative were contacted by BBC Teach to ask if we could help create animated content, graphics and title sequences to support the live lessons they were filming at Media City, Manchester.

Over a few weeks we created over 200 assets for use in multiple shows for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. Animating everything from a bendy dog and his friend Keith the snail, to a group of mathematical aliens and a 1980's rock concert.

This was a particularly fun project and the super tight turn around meant that the project carried a real energy and sense of purpose. With each new lesson completed children would be able to engage, learn and have fun whilst exploring key literacy and numeracy concepts. Examples of these lessons can be found on the BBC Teach Live lessons pages here:

For more information about this animation and branding project feel free to give us a ring or email us your thoughts.

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