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2022: Turbine Creative Year in Review

Key highlights from an exciting year of growth, new clients and innovation opportunities!

2022 was another exciting year for Turbine Creative. We had our 2nd birthday, had the opportunity to work on campaigns for both the Beijing Winter Olympics as well as the Rugby League World Cup, won some awards, partnered with clients both existing and new to launch new products, brands and services (from Wales to Kathmandhu!) as well as exploring new innovations to improve our service offering.

Here’s a little run down of our highlights from 2022:

Increased growth and brand awareness

2022 was a great year for continued work with our highly valued existing clients as well as winning new clients through pitches, referrals and website inquiries. Through our social media content (primarily LinkedIn) we’ve seen an increase in brand awareness, and organic enquiries.

The various networking events, webinars and presentations we have done throughout this year has also brought increased awareness and led to exciting opportunities. So this year we plan on doubling down on all of these areas that have worked - and less on the experiments that didn’t!


We won 3 PEN Awards!

The PEN Awards celebrates excellence in patient communications across the UK. As a creative agency specialising in Health it is critical that we are able to create content that connects with patients and supports a measurable difference to their treatment outcome. Following our partnership with the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust we were shortlisted for 6 awards and won ‘Communicating Effectively with Patients and Families’, ‘Innovative Use of Technology, Social and Digital Media’ but perhaps best of all (as voted by the judges plus the 400+ attendees) we won Best Overall project!


Continued work with BBC on BBC Bitesize and ‘Own IT’

Both Mark, Nicola and I have worked with the BBC for many years on projects primarily around CBBC and children’s content. Earlier this year we were delighted to work with the Bitesize team to create a series of videos around looking after your mental health - featuring role models from the world of sports, BBC radio, mental health professionals and memory experts! We also completed a series of videos and animations around online safety for gamers - predominantly looking at what its like to be a female or disabled gamer and the challenges that can bring.


Pushing more into Behaviour Change Psychology

We have worked on many behaviour change campaigns together - from national NHS projects, to sporting organisations and medical product/service launches. At the heart of much of what we do in Health and Sport is the desire to influence behaviour change for the better.

So this year we have been pushing more into the world of Behaviour Change Psychology and sharing our experience through online content and presentations with partners from Nottingham University. After all Behaviour Change is at the heart of almost every marketing campaign. Taking our target demographic from one default set of behaviours and through our communications and ‘nudges’, encouraging a new set of behaviours/purchases or partnerships. We look forward to continuing this journey which not only enhances our marketing services but also supports our creative solutions with proven methodology.


Continued work with Team GB at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Following the success of our Summer Olympics Covid-Safe campaign we were asked to adapt the athlete communications campaign for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. This internal ‘Behaviour change’ communications campaign, delivered by Team GB, focussed on reducing Covid-risks for these world-class athletes through multiple media channels including videos, location signage, social media content and printed materials.


Created UK Sport video and print content for the Rugby League World Cup

The team at Turbine Creative created 42 animated LED pitch side adverts for all the various venues, a Digital poster ad, print ad and a 30 seconds promotional video highlighting all of the awesome world class events UK Sport have been able to bring to the United Kingdom in 2022 + 2023. We were fortunate to attend the Rugby League World Cup final and it was an absolute joy to see our content on the big screens at Old Trafford!


Mark Osborne (Animation/Digital Design Supremo) joins the Turbine Creative team

Mark Osborne came on board the Turbine Creative team full time in August and it has been an absolute joy having his experience and creativity to boost our services! We’ve all worked together for many years previously and it was a real dream to get Mark back into the fold to continue the creative magic together! …and of course Mark is also a top notch guy with a great taste in beer, movies and most importantly football teams (Nottingham Forest of course!)


Continued involvement with East Midlands Business Chamber and Medilink Network

We are very proud to be a Nottingham and East Midlands based organisation. This region has many world-leading companies, advisors and a history of brilliant entrepreneurs. We have continued our involvement with the East Midlands Business Chamber to engage with the local business community in a more tangible and meaningful way. Attending peer network sessions where we could and learning and sharing ideas with some brilliant entrepreneurs in our region.

We have also become members of the Medilink Midlands network to become more involved in the network of excellent life science and health tech companies in our region. We began this first year by giving a webinar with the brilliant Robin Bodicoate on Video Marketing for Life Science Companies: Increasing Awareness, Engagement, and Investment Potential. We’re looking forward to becoming more involved with both organisations this year.


Exploring innovation and #alwayslearning

We are always looking for ways to enhance our service offering. From strategic solutions - through our Behaviour Change methodology to enhancing our creative services with new skills and solutions. Recently we have begun to use Motion Capture technology as a way to create animated character movement that has a massive range of possibilities from stylised character animation, photorealistic scenario creation for VR and AR as well as creating new, efficient workflows for 3D character animation. This is something we are very excited to develop in 2023!


And that wraps up our quick overview of 2022. There are loads more exciting projects we could share and we look forward to putting out more case studies on our website, so please keep checking back in.

We hoped you have enjoyed reading about our latest developments. We can’t wait to get started in 2023.

Needless to say, if there’s anything you think we could help you with, whether that’s marketing content creation or strategy - we’d love to hear from you and discuss any upcoming projects you have.

From everyone at Turbine Creative, we wish you all the very best for a productive, peaceful and fulfilling 2023!

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