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BBC Bitesize Mindset videos

11 x videos full of tips and advice for secondary school students as they face their exams

We had a great time helping to create 11 videos for BBC Bitesize around keeping a positive mindset as we enter exam season.

The videos feature role models from the world of sports, BBC radio, mental health professionals and memory experts! The videos, filmed against a clean solid colour backdrop are overlaid with animated icons and imagery that illustrates the key tips and advice explained by the interviewees

We had a great time working with the BBC production team bringing their vision to life creating illustrations, hand drawn text, various doodles and animated icons.

Hopefully these useful videos will inspire and reassure many young people as we head into exam season and the pressure of getting great results begins to build.

The can find these videos throughout the BBC Bitesite website:

If you need any help with animations, videos or illustrations feel free to get in touch!

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