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Interview with Karen Stevenson, elite Sports Marketeer at PerformX Live

Karen Stevenson has worked with world-famous Olympic coaches, elite athletes and helped build multiple sports companies from the ground up. It was a real pleasure to catch up with her at PerformX live.

Here’s my final interview from PerformX Live. It’s with the very talented Sport, Health and Fitness marketeer, Karen Stevenson. Karen has worked for various organisations from the olympic coach-driven ‘Swim Skills’ training group, the amazing ‘School of Calisthenics’ and now her new venture with her husband Tim Stevenson at Dynamic Shoulder Conditioning. Karen has worked with elite athletes, world-leading coaches, as well as corporate and charity sector clients. She has some great marketing insights and lots of experience to learn from - so I was very excited to get some answers from her!

Amongst other things we talked about:

✅ The critical importance of actually knowing what problem your company is solving and how best to meet your customers where they are at as you market your solution.

✅ The importance of consistency in your marketing, doing it well and not over-stretching to fill the growing list of marketing channels available

✅ Understanding the important of an integrated marketing approach that also includes non-digital ways to really connect with your audience in a personal, human-to-human way.

✅ Why personal branding, authenticity and vulnerability is so important in online marketing

Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

You can find out more about The School of Calisthenics here:

And also learn more about Dynamic Shoulder Conditioning here:

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