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GamePlan A: Adidas Content Creator

Through a huge personal passion for sport, career and creativity I had the opportunity to become part of Adidas' Gameplan A 'hussle'...

The Brief

Adidas' Gameplan A is a thriving online community. The central theme behind this initiative is 'Ideas & insights to make creativity and an athlete's mindset the key elements of personal growth and a happier, more productive and fulfilling career'.


GamePlan A is a business lifestyle magazine focusing on topics originating from the intersection of Sport, Business and Lifestyle. It is made for all ‘creators and entrepreneurial minds with an athlete’s heart’ who share their belief that through sport, we have the power to change lives. Therefore, we all strive to incorporate sport into everything we do – in work and in life.


Being massively passionate about both sport, business, creativity and generating a positive mindset I have long since been a big fan of GamePlan A and so got in touch with Adidas and shared some of my content ideas.


The Result

The Gameplan A team were really positive about my content input and following an internal review they were happy to invite me 'into the huddle' and my first article was published here.

There's been some really great feedback and I'm currently hoping to submit several more articles in the coming months.

The video above is Turbine Creative's tribute to the GamePlan A attitude.

My article is here:


• Creative writing   • Video Production   • Motion Design

“Great piece about mental health and sustainable growth! Proud to have you in our huddle, Tim!”


Adidas, GamePlan A Content Manager


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