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Nottingham Colorectal Service: Patient Pathway Campaign

A collaboration with the NHS and Johnson & Johnson, creating a suite of materials to guide patients through their cancer care.

The Brief


Turbine Creative were approached by the Nottingham Colorectal Service at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, who were launching an initiative with Johnson & Johnson to support patients with colorectal cancer. The scheme aims to provide patients with information on pre-op, operation and post-op care – with the idea that patients who are better prepared and better educated have higher success rates following their operations, faster physical recovery and better mental wellbeing.

We were asked to help design a Patient Pathway booklet, which would be completed by health professionals and patients, as well as a series of 6 animations that patients and families can refer to during the process of their diagnosis and treatment.


Our Response

We recognised the importance of creating a style that felt informative whilst also being approachable and reassuring – the sort of tone you’d appreciate when speaking with a doctor or nurse. Working with a team of colorectal health professionals, we developed scripts and storyboards that communicated patient journeys and brought them to life through animation. The same creative style was then used across the printed literature, ensuring that all required medical fields were integrated in a way that was practical for nursing staff to complete, and engaging and encouraging for patients to use.

The printed patient booklet includes integrated QR codes so patients can use their smartphone cameras to instantly access the educational videos relating to their section of the booklet there are exploring.

The Result

The new materials have been very well received by both patient testing groups and medical staff. The booklet and series of videos are already impacting how other departments within the hospital are planning their patient engagment.


• Concept creation   • Print design   • Illustration   • Script development   • Animation

"Bridging the gap between clinical decision making and patient facing information is key to patients understanding their conditions and treatment. The team at Turbine Creative were fantastic at producing engaging designs and animations which completely delivered our brief."


Mr James Blackwell, General Surgical Registrar and campaign content creator

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