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Find and communicate your brand's potential 4: Become an innovative opportunity maker

Some brands are hungry to make the most out of every situation. And where an opportunity doesn’t currently exist, they create one.

Our primitive brains hate risk. All our primal instincts are clearly wired for self-preservation and the preservation of our loved ones. The motivation of pain avoidance will often trump the promise of potential pleasure.

So what motivates certain highly successful people to continually put themselves in a position of great potential discomfort (business failure, social shame, physical injury, emotional trauma) because of the razor thin promise of success? I think it’s because of three key factors:

–  The overwhelming desire to maximise new opportunities

–  Self belief

–  A strong support team

Some people are hungry to make the most out of every situation. And where an opportunity doesn’t currently exist, they make one. To fully harness your brand’s potential you need to not only make the most of opportunities that already exist – but also be willing to take a risk in creating your own.

That might be in the creation of a radical new product or service, a new business partnership, a bold new marketing strategy, or something else entirely.

What opportunity would you love to be given to you? Why not work out how to make that happen? Create your own opportunities and fulfil your potential.


And where an opportunity doesn’t currently exist, successful people will do their best to make one.


Bite-sized Case Study

I call my cousin Tsiry the ‘Willy Wonka of Madagascar’! He was born and raised on the beautiful island of Madagascar.

In his teens he moved to the UK with his sister to study. For many years Tsiry would return to visit his parents in Madagascar, until more recently he bought some land there and began learning more about its agriculture – in particular, the unique nature of the Malagasy coca beans.

Ever passionate about supporting the Malagasy economy and creating sustainable business for the local farmers, he saw a great (yet risky) business opportunity for all.

Working with local farmers, chocolate manufacturers and a UK business team they created an ‘Equitrade’ brand of chocolate. Their exceptionally high quality product caused a stir in the chocolate connoisseurs’ world, winning amazing reviews and significant praise from food critics and chocolate fans alike.

Following this exceptional reception, major high street brands across the UK agreed to stock this product – and the additional Malagasy chocolate lines that followed.

Tsiry saw the potential for Malagasy chocolate where no opportunity yet existed. And through hard work and vision he forged his own opportunity and created a brand new market.

Action points: Find your opportunities

✅ What opportunity would you like for your brand and what would the stages be to make that a reality?

✅ Are there people within your network who can help you make that happen?

✅ How risk averse are you and is this preventing necessary progress?

✅ Do you have someone you trust to talk through potential opportunities and risks with?

If you'd like to chat about how we could help your organisation communicate your full potential drop us an email on hello@turbinecreative or contact us here

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