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In this video we're talking about how Adobe are Killing Creativity ☠️, Samuel L Jackson’s love of bread, NFL stars being turned into Pixar characters and David Beckham in Netflix + marketing total domination!

1. Adobe kills creativity

Okay so Adobe may not have totally killed creativity, but this year’s Adobe Max revealed a whole bunch of new AI tools, many of which are just plain useful but some that have swallowed up creative tasks that trained professionals would have previously done. We’re all super familiar with the text to image feature on Adobe Firefly, stepping on the toes on 3D artists and photographers everywhere. They’ve now released a text to vector feature - potentially swallowing up a whole load of work that illustrators would have normally done also. These tools are obviously meant to speed things up for creatives and perhaps help create a starting point rather than AI creating the finished product. But either way it’s certainly upsetting a lot of creatives, who in reality are Adobe’s biggest customers, which is a bold business move Adobe! Be interesting to see this AI content creation plays out…

2. Mad about the Bread

It's great to see Wharburtons continuing their amazing storytelling adverts. The latest one features a fully committed performance from Samuel L Jackson. Adapting some lines from his famous Pulp Fiction monologues this advert is a brilliant example of using humour, a brilliant narrative and a cheeky human touch. I think AI is still a way off coming up with something this original!

3. Toy Story x NFL Funday Football

We’re big fans of motion capture at Turbine Creative. We love video, we love human movement and we love 3D. Put them all together and what do you get? Toy Story Characters playing a live NFL game. What!!?? Yeah, heard that right. As part of an initiative to get younger viewers engaged with the Jaguars-Falcons London game ESPN and Disney placed a chip in each player's shoulder pads to track movement & then combines that with Hawkeye optical tracking to animate the game in real-time using Toystory characters…

5. Beckham marketing goes into overdrive

I’m a big fan of the latest Beckham documentary on Netflix and no doubt following the algorithms of my interest I’ve been bombarded with Beckham content online recently. Chatting about the netflix series got us thinking about the volume of marketing that guy has done in the last couple of decades and the diversity of projects he’s been involved in. Whatever you think about his past product endorsements (Qatar world cup anyone?) Beckham is a brilliant example of someone who has developed a superstrong, cross sector, personal brand and made that work on a massive commercial scale.

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