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UK Institute of Sport: Travel Health Campaign

A character-based animation campaign targeting elite athletes, to influence positive behaviour change around travel safety.

The Brief


With Tokyo 2021 fast approaching, The UK Institute of Sport (UKIS) approached us with the requirement to raise awareness of travel health and safety in elite athletes.

Supporting elite athletes across various games including the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the EIS wanted a video that was inclusive and used a language and visual style relevant to their audience – something approachable and relatable, whilst maintaining a tone that appropriately conveyed important health-related information.

Our Response


Working with an Athlete Health Consultant and Senior Sports Physician, we created a script that highlighted the importance of matters such as minimising infection risks, being vaccinated, managing prescription drugs and looking after mental health. Our creative team brought this to life with a montage style animation that incorporated photographic elements alongside a hand-drawn illustrative feel. A passport themed narrative runs throughout the video, encouraging athletes to take various precautions and considerations throughout each journey they make, with the requirements and risks tailored to the athletes.

The Result

The team at the UKIS were delighted with the outcome. The video, and a series of shorter bitesize stings for social media, have been released to the UKIS’ athletes ahead of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and will continue to be used for future games. The animation style has also been developed across further video for the Summer Olympics.


• Illustration   • Animation  • Script development  • Storyboarding

“Turbine Creative produced a superb video to engage our British elite athletes. We couldn't have asked for more from them and we were delighted with the end product. Completely met our brief and from start to finish they listened, collaborated, met deadlines and couldn't do enough for us. Their creativity brought our ideas to life so well! Thank you!”


Communications Team, English Institute of Sport

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