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UK Sports Institute: Allergy campaign

Creating and developing AI generated imagery for an elite sports health awareness campaign

The Brief


An athlete's personal health is critical to their performance and success at major events. This latest campaign was around promoting a deeper understanding of seasonal allergies (hay fever). We were asked to create a unique and eye catching campaign that would engage athletes and training staff and help them understand the impact of hay fever and how to mitigate this.

Our Response

We had initial meetings with clinical staff discussing the challenges of getting this message out there, as well as understanding some key incidents where seasonal allergies have compromised athletes performance. Following this input we began creating a suite of 8 or 9 different visual approaches that showed different stylistic treatments as well as a variation of tone and focus. As part of this process we thought it would be innovative to use AI tools to create unusual imagery that we would not normally be able to develop without a huge amount of time spent 3D rendering or in a time-intensive photoshoot.


Upon presenting these different stylistic approaches the team unanimously preferred the AI images with a secondary 'real human' version to add in another angle and bring additional salience to the message.

The Result

Having created the initial AI visuals we then developed these images using Photoshop and other bespoke compositing tools. These final images were then rolled out as banners and posters across the UK's various elite sport training sites. We also supplied social media assets to the UK Sports Institute and their various national stakeholders.


• Creative concept development • Illustration  • Copywriting • Graphic design • Digital design • AI image development

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