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Spreading some festive cheer at Christmastime!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Flashback to last Christmas where our filmed Carol service brought together families from around the world...

We know it’s still a little bit early, but it’s now officially “Nearly December” and we’re ready to crack open the mince pies and spread a little festive cheer. We can’t wait to spend this Christmas with our family and friends, after last year’s celebrations were knocked flying due to Covid. Along with the rest of the country, we felt the impact first-hand when plans were cancelled and longstanding traditions couldn’t be upheld.

Back in November last year, we got talking to the team at Wycombe Abbey boarding school, who were facing a strange and challenging time, with many of their events having to be cancelled. With students’ families located across the country and globe, it was disappointing for students and staff alike to be missing out on key events to come together. The school’s annual carol service is a highlight of the year, with parents travelling to be a part pf the occasion. Having recently done some filming for the Nottingham Chamber Music Festival, Wycombe Abbey approached us to discuss whether we could film the event, record the music and keep the celebration alive – albeit online rather than in person.

We spent a number of weeks conducting site recces, putting together a film crew, organising props and venue dressing, and liaising with the school to co-ordinate the choir of 100+ students – all whilst taking into account social distancing requirements for everyone involved.

With a hard deadline (Santa was on his way), we edited the footage into a 26 minute long video, which was shared with parents and alumni across the globe and watched by several 1000 viewers over the subsequent Christmas days.


Turbine Creative created an outstanding film of our Christmas celebration involving music and readings. The team were brilliant in making the process easy and one where our confidence in the quality of the final product was never doubted - We always felt in the safest of hands throughout! I felt that they really understood our vision following preliminary meetings and visits, while also shaping it with creative ideas and suggestions. They were great working with a group of young performers – making them feel at ease in front of the camera, which made all the difference it getting the most out of them. The resulting film received thousands of hits and significantly outperformed competitors’ versions!

Dr Alistair Goddard, Director of Co-curricular Activities


It was a joy to be part of, and a very bittersweet event knowing the circumstances that had created the need for our work. We hope it helped bring many smiles to the students, their families and the staff at Wycombe Abbey. You can watch the full video below:

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