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Our team have enjoyed partnering with life science organisations for a number of years. From smaller, exceptional start-ups through to some of the largest, established global names. Regardless of the organisation, our role is to bring clarity, engagement and creativity to life science marketing materials. Having recently worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific on a campaign to celebrate AcroSeal’s 25th anniversary, we were really pleased to have the opportunity to work with the team again on their latest thought leadership campaign.

Aimed at a wide audience from students through to industry professionals, Alfa Aesar (a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific) selected a suite of Named Reactions, including the Grignard reaction and the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction, and asked us to highlight their significance by bringing them to life through a series of animated videos.

When working on projects of this nature, it’s important to strike the balance between accurately communicating highly technical, scientific information alongside creating content that’s engaging, approachable and easy to digest in a short time frame. For this campaign, Thermo Fisher Scientific were keen to explore the use of video, and so our first phase of work began with defining how those videos would look and feel.

Our team always enjoy working in an array of animation styles including 3D animation, character-led animation and collage/mixed media approach to name a few.

Knowing that the animations would be viewed by a varied audience, we chose for the animations to be led by an animated scientist character to create a feeling of warmth and relatability, to narrate the Named Reaction stories - covering their histories, chemistry and importance to today’s world.

We also went through various design iterations to create a 'Named Reactions' visual identity. This design asset added greater campaign recognition and coherence across print, video and digital. Whilst also being fully brand-approved and making use of the corporate font and complementary color palette.

The character was voiced by a professional voiceover artist, Minji Chang (LA based VO artist) who was also a graduate in Molecular Biology, and injected a real confident and professional personality into the videos.

We always work closely with clients - especially during the beginning of projects when we’re honing the script and creating the storyboards, to ensure that they contain high quality, scientifically accurate content that will strike the right tone with the audience. When needed, we also bring in independent industry experts to work alongside us to review content and support with the process. For this project in particular, working in partnership with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team and their expert consultant Matt Ferris at Biocatalyst Consulting we worked through a number of revisions to the scripts, paying particular attention to how we communicated the chemistry of the Named Reaction. From a marketing and communications point of view it’s critical included the right amount of detail to ensure it was interesting to all audiences, whilst also making sure it was presented in a clear and engaging way.

Once the script and storyboard were in place, we began production. We always look for ways to provide time cost efficiencies where possible, and as this campaign was to include a series of 6x animations, we put together a project team that would tackle the illustration and animation head-on. This meant that the videos were not only created in a cost-efficient manner, but also that turnaround time was good – so Thermo Fisher Scientific could start releasing them as soon as possible. We continued to work closely with the team throughout the animation production, but generally found that as we’d nailed down the storyboards early on, the animations themselves came together really well – so we could really focus on and enjoy bringing them to life. Once we had initial drafts of each animation, we liaised with Thermo Fisher Scientific to fine-tune any areas that needed refinement.

As with any life science marketing campaign, the more channels you are able to deliver your message in, the better the ROI and greater the reach. We would always recommend our creative campaigns are rolled out across video platforms, targeted social media, print (where appropriate) and if budget allows, strategic PPC. Creating brilliant marketing materials is the start of the process and ensuring it reaches your audience is the next step.

An example of one of the finished animations can be found below. For more information on this campaign, visit the Alfa Aesar 'Named Reactions' page of their website here.

We work with life science brands to create marketing materials that develop increased customer loyalty, raise brand awareness, launch a product, establish authority in the marketplace, educate staff and customers or increase sales of a niche service.

We’re always excited to undertake new projects in this field, learn more from our clients and help them achieve their goals through a friendly, transparent, pragmatic and creative approach.

Got a project that you’d like to talk about? Drop us a line – we’re happy to help.

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