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2021: Turbine Creative Year in Review

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Key highlights from an exciting year of growth, new clients and unique opportunities...

This has been an exciting year for Turbine Creative. We had our first birthday, were invited to work on the summer and winter Olympics with the Team GB communication team, won new clients and created some awesome partnerships with professionals at the top of their game within Health, Life Science and Sport. Here's a run down of some of this year's key achievements...

Increased Turnover by 120%

This was an exciting year of growth through both existing clients, contacts and new opportunities brought in through pitches, organic traffic to our website and LinkedIn Posts. Next year we’ve got ambitious plans for even larger, focussed growth.

We began working with many exciting new clients

As we've started to focus on the 3 sectors of Health, Sport and Life Sciences we've been able to target specific clients that would make a mutually beneficial fit. Rather than attempt to be masters of all areas, we've chosen to focus our skills, knowledge-base and insights in these core areas. This strategic decision has guided our business development and consequently brought us into contact with some amazing industry-leading specialists, project advisors and world class clients.

Worked with Team GB on both summer and winter Olympics projects

Starting work with Team GB this year on both Olympics has been an absolute joy and honour. At a historical time in behavioural change messaging (delivering Covid-related restrictions) we were privileged to work with Team GB to create an impactful Covid-safe campaign including creative concepts, video production, print and social media materials. All of which helped ensure zero cases of Covid within Team GB at the summer games. We are currently finishing materials for the winter games and hoping for a similarly positive campaign outcome.

Completed a significant cancer pathway project with Johnson & Johnson and NHS

This campaign was another opportunity to bring about behavioural change and clinical improvements through new cancer patient pathway communications. This multi-channel campaign, in partnership with Nottingham Colorectal Service and Johnson & Johnson, included printed patient literature, clinical documentation and a series of educational animations and social media content.

The initial success of this campaign has brought about huge interest in rolling the campaign out to multiple cancer pathways in the near future.

Created an exciting series of animations for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Working with Alfa Aesar as they transitioned into the Thermo Fisher Scientific brand has been a really exciting process. We created both an advanced 3D animation, 2D character explainer series of videos. and additional social media assets. Showing off both product innovation, company heritage and educating their clients on key chemical ’Named Reactions'. The team at Thermo Fisher Scientific are a joy to collaborate with!

Got back to filming after Covid lockdowns!

Throughout the last year or so, lockdowns have made film production a real challenge. However, this year following the relaxation of restrictions we have been able to get out and about filming some exciting projects, from classical music videos, to charity documentaries and digital health educational content.

Completed multiple FreeCreate projects

This year we also took on some long-term FreeCreate projects that will hopefully deliver some benefits to those most vulnerable in society. Working with Manchester Poverty Truth Commission and Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum we enabled the creation of videos, illustrations, photoshoots, animations, multiple language voiceovers and hours of educational content.

Joined East Midlands Business Chamber and began Peer Network group

We are proud to be a Nottingham and East Midlands based organisation. This region has many world-leading companies, advisors and a history of brilliant entrepreneurs. We recently decided to join the East Midlands Business Chamber to engage with the local business community in a more tangible and meaningful way. We’re looking forward to building our network, giving something back wherever we can, and through the Creative Peer Network group, learning and sharing with others travelling a similar journey.

Tripled our LinkedIn followers

Following home working and the various lockdowns LinkedIn has become a regular staple in business communication. With over 740 million members and 80% of B2B social media leads now coming from LinkedIn it is clearly a platform that is growing in strength and relevance.

We’re currently focussing our social media on LinkedIn and Instagram and although we’re only at the early stages we have already seen the positive impact of good content on these 2 platforms.

And that’s it! Our 2021 Turbine Creative review of the year. We hoped you have enjoyed reading our latest developments. We can’t wait to get started in 2022. If there’s anything you think we could help you with, whether that’s marketing content creation or strategy - we’d love to hear from you and discuss any upcoming projects you have.

From everyone at Turbine Creative, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with the ones you love, and wish you all the best for the year ahead.

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